Announcing the 60th Annual SPAH Convention in 2023

August 15-20, 2023

The 60th Annual SPAH Convention

will be held at the

Sheraton Westport Chalet, St Louis MO

With thanks to our Hosts, the Gateway Harmonica Club!

For Convention Registration Form & Prices, please go here.

*Given what we know today, there will be no vaccination requirements to attend but, for your own and other’s safety, we ask that you use the vaccination program to prevent serious illness in large gatherings. Similarly, the wearing of masks will be your choice, but is encouraged, when possible, in close quarters. We also encourage onsite testing if you have any doubt about your wellness at the Convention.

SPAH: Celebrating 60 years of harmonicas, music and friends

The Gateway Harmonica Club knows how to host a SPAH celebration.

Be sure to join us for the 60th Year! Registration is now open.

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