2023 SPAH “In Memoriam”

At the 60th Anniversary 2023 SPAH Convention this coming August, we are planning to do an In Memoriam video presentation of SPAH members and friends who have gotten their wings in the last decade. Think of the Oscars, when they do their annual dedication to those who have died within the past year. We can go back further at a future time, but for the 60th SPAH, we want to focus on recognizing the last decade of SPAH members lost.

In order to get this presentation together by SPAH 2023, we need your help! Please send us the name, year/date of birth and death, a good photo, and their relationship to SPAH of any friend of our community that we have lost in the last 10 years.  Please include the name by which they were known, to be displayed on the screen. For example, Laura Mae Erickson (Laurie), 1952-2017, SPAH participant and friend since 2015.  Perhaps they were affiliated with a particular SPAH Convention, or maybe a host club, for many years, such as SPAH Volunteer, 20-year St. Louis Gateway Harmonica Club member.  Or, perhaps they were a member of a well-known group, for example, Played bass harmonica for The Harmonica Folks, 1942-2003, or maybe SPAH participant for 30 years, or Harmonica teacher for 38 years.

Please avoid sending a paragraph about each person. A short one-liner about that person’s relationship to the harmonica, SPAH, club, a group, or any special contribution they made to the preservation and advancement of the harmonica is ideal.  We will publish a list of names that have been submitted once this gets underway, so you can help us ensure everyone is included.

Please submit this information by July 1, 2023, in sufficient time before the August Convention so we can properly recognize each and every one. We look forward to honoring those we have lost in the last 10 years.

You can submit your entry here:  2023 SPAH Convention Memorial Submission. If you are unable to use a computer for this, please email us at Brenda dot s dot Freed at Gmail dot com, and we’ll provide instructions on how to mail the photograph and information to us.

Thank you.

Brenda Freed