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Todd Parrott






Charlotte, NC


Todd Parrott has been called one of the freshest, most innovative and proficient harmonica players today. “He’s got it all: great chops, killer tone, speed, finesse, and impeccable taste,” says Buddy Greene. “He plays with a sensibility and maturity and never sacrifices musicality for mere technique.” Adam Gussow adds, “I think he’s got the best chance of any harmonica player I’ve seen to cross over and become the public sound and image of what pure-D American blues harmonica is about.”

Areas of Focus

Lessons can focus on any area desired, from beginning harmonica to advanced. Popular topics include, music theory and chord structure, position playing, overbending, improvisation, country playing, accompaniment playing, and complete song studies, which often includes tabbing out an entire melody, including lyrics, from start to finish and adding embellishments.

Type of Lesson

Skype, Zoom


$35 for an hour lesson.

Additional Information

Hohner endorser since 2010
Harp of choice - Hohner Golden Melody