Youth Scholarships

The SPAH Youth Scholarship brings young harmonica players to the SPAH convention, perhaps for their first time! Funded by donations to the William Rosebush Youth Fund.

Each year, the SPAH Youth Committee makes several awards to suitable applicants to attend the annual SPAH convention. Awards will cover rooming costs at the SPAH convention hotel for the nights of Tuesday through Saturday and will include convention registration for each award recipient, as well as registration and banquet ticket for one parent or guardian to assist in chaperoning and other duties. The recipient also receive a complementary SPAH membership from the Convention in August through December of the following year, including the Harmonica Happenings quarterly magazine.

Applicants must be 21 years old or younger. Each award recipient will be expected to perform at the convention and will be required to contribute some of his or her time to support SPAH Youth activities at the convention. This will include selling raffle tickets for prizes at the Saturday night banquet and show, or staffing the Youth information table.

Harmonica players interested in applying should download and complete the  2024 Youth Scholarship application form. Applicants must also submit a sample of their playing along with the application. Priority will be given to applicants who have not been selected previously, but all applicants are welcome!

Applications should be submitted by email to by May 10 (extended from May 1). Recipients of the SPAH Youth Scholarship will be selected by the SPAH Youth Committee and notified no later than June 1.

Recipients of the SPAH William rosebush youth scholarship

Carson Diersing (Blues)
Connor Frontera (Blues)
Kaleena Hutchins (Bluegrass, Gospel)
Janalyn Miklas (Chromatic Harmonica Soloist)
Norman Patton (Harmonica Trio)

Brandon Bailey (Neo-Soul)
Justin Gates (Blues)
Garrison Hagler (Harmonica Trio)
Justine Missik (Blues)
Alex Windmeyer (Classic Harmonica)

Nic Clark (Blues)
Jarred Goldweber (Blues, Funk)
Jake Houshmand (Jug Band, Blues)
Julian Perricone (Classical, Bluegrass)
Aaron Pomeranz (Hip-hop, Blues)

Michael Acker (Video Game Inspired)
Jude Dow-Hygelund (Classical, Jazz, Latin)
Kiersi Joli (Blues, Gospel, Country)
Jack Pawlakos (Blues, Jazz)
Lydia VanderVate (Classical, Folk, Gospel)

Jered Anderson (Country, Blues)
Cole Ford (Blues, Rap)
Matthew Givens (Soulful, Gospel, Blues)
Cole Moran (Bluegrass, Americana, Country)
Erik Patton (Harmonica Trio, Contemporary)

Matthew Givens (Soulful, Gospel, Blues)
Jonas Grandinger (Country, Blues)
Matthew Henderson (Blues, Rock, Jazz)
Ashay Kumar (Hindustani Classical)
Neil Nayyar (Jazz, Bollywood, Chinese)
Alex Windmeyer (All Harmonicas, Trio Music)

Titus Giernacky (Gospel, Blues, Country)
Leland Isbill (Blues, Country, Rock)
Kiersi Joli (Blues, Country Gospel)
Cole Moran (Americana, Bluegrass)
Ben Perry (Irish, Blues)
Luke Anthony Pease (Neo-Soul, Jazz, Progressive)

Cassidy Johnson (Blues)
Craig Hargrave (Rock, Blues, Folk)
Phillip Gerard Fauquet (Blues, Jazz, Bluegrass)
Mighty Michael Mendelson (Blues, Rhythm & Blues, Rock & Roll)

2021 (virtual convention)
Shubhranill Sarkar (Indian and Western Classical
Sally Ma (Classical, Chinese Folk)
Eduardo Gonçalves (Blues, Brazilian songs)
Tancy Liu (Blues, Jazz, Classical)
Mighty Michael Mendelson (Blues, R&B, Rock & Roll)
Rohan Singhal (Blues, Jazz, Funk, Rock)

Dhimant Adak (Indian and Western genres)
Michael Mendelson (Blues, R&B, Rock & Roll)
Eduardo Gonçalves (Blues, Brazilian songs)
Elwood Birgden (Blues)
Tancy Liu (Blues, Jazz, Classical)
Rohan Singhal (Blues, Jazz, Funk, Indian Classical)
Sally Ma (Classical, Chinese Folk)
Shubhranill Sarkar (Indian & Western Classical)
Amy Rister (Blues, Country)

2023 (Click here for their bios)
Harrell Davenport (Blues)
Cale Fladager (Jazz, Blues, Folk)
Aramis St-Gelais (Jazz, New, Classical)
Alexander Harris (Classical, Traditional, Folk)
Sally Ma (Classical, Chinese Folk)
David Manche (Country, Bluegrass, Gospel)

2024 (Click here for their bios)
Perseus Morgan (Classical & Baroque, Early Music, Irish, Blues)
Sam Coons (Bluegrass, Jazz, Blues, Funk)
Jackson Baker (Blues)
Hayden Everding (Blues)