Volunteering at SPAH

For almost 60 years, SPAH has been run by a dedicated team of volunteers – harmonica enthusiasts – who willingly give their time to run the organization throughout the year. This team publishes a quarterly magazine to SPAH members, and puts on one of the world’s most respected annual Conventions in cities across North America.

We welcome people interested in helping to lead the organization as board members, provide membership and website services, plan and operate the convention, lay out and publish the magazine and web content, grow membership, manage our relationships with vendors and sponsors, provide stage planning and management at the Convention, manage the youth scholarship program, assist professional AV staff in operating equipment at the Convention, and bring world-class entertainment and faculty to perform, teach and be with our members at each Convention.

We love what we do to support this amazing organization, and cannot recommend it more highly to anyone with an interest in helping, and learning skills from a wonderful and diverse team of people. If you are interested, please contact a board member to explore opportunities, or contact SPAH.

VOLUNTEERING at the SPAH Convention!

In addition, SPAH is always looking for volunteers to assist the Convention host club in providing help to our attendees in a variety of ways. Volunteers are always needed and appreciated. To be a volunteer at the upcoming convention, please follow this link: I would like to Volunteer at the 2023 SPAH Convention