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Dr. George Wallace Miklas




573 Harp Doc (573.427.7362)


University of Lynchburg, Lynchburg, Virginia, USA


Dr. George Wallace Miklas has earned his Doctor of Music Education and Master of Arts in Music Education-Performance (Harmonica) at Liberty University, Master Teacher degree in Special Education from Slippery Rock University of PA, and Bachelor of Music in Education from the Dana School of Music/Youngstown State University.

Dr. Miklas has taught the harmonica since 1988, teaching individuals, classes, and seminars.

Dr. Miklas has been a SPAH member and convention goer since 1977.

Areas of Focus

Dr. Miklas uses differentiated instruction according to the student's current ability on the harmonica. He writes a custom curriculum for each student for challenge and achievement. Students begin learning standard music notation in the very first lesson, learning to produce music by improving their command of the instrument. By the end of a student's first semester, they will be able to play an adapted version of a piece by a well-known Baroque or Classical composer.

Type of Lesson

College Credit/Audit or Private Studio; In-Person and Remote (Zoom)


Applied Music Fees published by the University of Lynchburg.

Private Studio rates are $60/hour, $45/half-hour

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