2024 Election for SPAH President and Vice President


(As published in the recent issue of Harmonica Happenings)


We have an election in progress to pick the new SPAH President and Vice President for the next three years





2024 SPAH Election Procedures

It is time for SPAH members to elect their new President. We currently have just one declared candidate, current SPAH Vice President Jerry Deall, whose campaign statement appears in the recent issue of Harmonica Happenings. As a reminder however, any eligible voter may choose a write-in candidate as their presidential nominee. SPAH members have two ways of casting their votes: by e-mail (preferred) or postal mail. There is a ballot (see link below) for those who would prefer to cast their votes on paper. For those who prefer email, a special address is set up: elections@spah.org. Below are the election rules and procedures.



General Rules (these apply to all votes and voting methods):

  • Votes will be accepted from April 1st until July 1st.
  • You must be 16 or older in order to vote.
  • For those with family memberships, each qualifying member of the family is allowed a vote (e.g., must be 16 or older)
  • In order for your vote to count, your membership dues must be paid up through July 1st, 2024.
  • Per the bylaws, only one vote per member. If a member submits more than one vote (e.g., one by mail, one by email) they will be rejected and not counted.
  • You must supply your personal information (first and last name, address, and telephone number) in order for your vote to be counted.
  • SPAH may contact you to verify your vote. (This information is for the purpose of verifying eligibility only.)
    Eligible votes will be recorded but NOT how the individuals voted. Only members of the election committee will see the ballots.

The election committee considers people’s votes privileged information and will not share that information outside the committee.


Procedure for E-mail Ballot (preferred):

Put your first name, last name, address and telephone number, along with your vote (“Jerry Deall” or “Other [fill in name]”) in an email to elections@spah.org.


Procedure for Mail-in Ballots:

Fill out the ballot with your first name, last name, address and telephone number, along with your vote. You may cut the ballot out and mail it, or you may send a photocopy instead. The ballot must be mailed to the address listed on the ballot.

We thank you for your vote. Your participation will help direct SPAH’s future.