Information for Registrants watching the 60th Annual SPAH Convention Online August 15-19, 2023

A final list & Table of Contents of all recordings has been emailed to all entitled Attendees. This includes those registered for the Full 2023 SPAH Convention, whether Online or In-Person.

There are three YouTube sites:

  • Main Stage Streaming and Recordings
  • Founders’ Stage Streaming and Recordings
  • Seminar Recordings

Here is everything SPAH Convention Registrants should need to enjoy the SPAH Convention online:

Last-minute changes to the schedule. Please note these in your Convention Program and Schedule:

  • Todd Parrott SEMINAR – Checkerboard Blues –  moved to Friday 1:30pm in St Moritz (formerly on Saturday at 10:45am) to avoid a conflict with the Saturday Gospel Show
  • Ronnie Shellist 9am Thursday seminar “Blues improvisation”  was not recorded. We apologize  for the omission.
  • We apologize for the earlier missing live stream of the Blues Showcase from Main Stage on Wednesday afternoon. It has now been loaded from a recording.
  • Jason Ricci SEMINAR – Improvisation and creating your own sound naturally  – Moved to Wednesday 9am in Alpine 1 (formerly on Friday at 1pm)
  • Grant Dermody SEMINAR – Improvisation – moved to Thursday at 10:45am in Lugano (formerly on the same day at 9am)

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